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WhatsApp May Soon Support Multiple Devices

Here in India, WhatsApp is the to-go messaging application for pretty much everyone across all the age groups. WhatsApp has clearly changed the messaging game and offers some really cool features on board. One of the things that WhatsApp

Samsung Pay Rewards: All you need to know

Samsung Pay is one of the leading tap-to-pay mobile payment systems. It works on non-NFC terminals like LG that is clearly an advantage. Being in the top three for tap-to-pay systems, Samsung also offers rewards for every time you pay

AMOLED vs LCD(IPS), Which One to Go With?

Recently, I have seen a lot of people in social communities expressing keen prejudice towards AMOLED displays, justifying even the back draws in many cases. Let’s dive in for a more detailed review of AMOLED vs LCD, how this actually

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