List of Android Device Codenames

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Android device codenames are the unique development project name that OEMs use while the device is in the development state. All Android devices have a codename. You must have seen them listed in some custom ROM, TWRP recovery, and CF-Auto-Root archives. Ever wanted to know what’s the codename of the device you own? Then you are the right place, we have written down most of the Android Device codenames.

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Android Device Codenames

List of Android Device Codenames

Google Pixel Device Codenames

Pixel Sailfish
Pixel XLMarlin
Pixel 2Walleye
Pixel 2 XLTaimen
Pixel 3Blueline
Pixel 3 XLCrosshatch
Pixel 3aSargo
Pixel 3a XLBonito
Pixel 4Flame
Pixel 4 XLCoral
Pixel 4aSunfish

OnePlus Device Codenames

OnePlus 1Bacon
OnePlus 2oneplus2
OnePlus Xonyx
OnePlus 3oneplus3
OnePlus 3Toneplus3t
OnePlus 5cheeseburger
OnePlus 5Tdumpling
OnePlus 6enchilada
OnePlus 6TFajita
OnePlus 7guacamoleb 
OnePlus 7 Proguacamole 
OnePlus 7Thotdog
OnePlus 7T Prohotdog
OnePlus 8instantnoodle 
OnePlus 8 Proinstantnoodlep 
OnePlus NordAvicii

Samsung Device Codenames

Galaxy Note Series Codenames

Galaxy Z Series Codenames

Galaxy S Series Codenames

Galaxy A Series Codenames

Galaxy M Series Codenames

Xiaomi Device Codenames

Poco Device Codenames

Pocophone F1beryllium
Poco x2/ Redmi k30phoenix
Poco F2 Prolmiglobal

Mi Device Codenames

Mi 1/SMione_plus
Mi 2aries
Mi 3 TDpisces
Mi 3 / Mi 4, LTE/WCDMAcancro
Mi 4iferrari
Mi 4clibra
Mi 4saqua
Mi 5gemini
Mi 5scapricorn
Mi 5s Plusnatrium
Mi 5xtiffany
Mi 5cmeri
Mi 6sagit
Mi 6xwayne
Mi 8dipper
Mi 8 SEsirius
Mi 8 Explorer Editionursa
Mi 8 Liteplatina
Mi 8 Proequuleus
Mi 9cepheus
Mi 9 SEgrus
Mi Playlotus
Mi CC 9/ 9 Litepyxis
Mi CC 9Elaurus
Mi 9 Pro 5Gcrux
Mi 10umi
Mi 10 Procmi

Redmi Device Codenames

Redmi 1, WCDMAHM2013023
Redmi 1S, WCDMAarmani
Redmi 2, WCDMAwt88047
Redmi 2A / Enhancedwt86047
Redmi 2 ProHM2014819
Redmi 3/3 Pro/3 Primeido
Redmi 3S/3X/3S Primeland
Redmi 4Arolex
Redmi 4prada
Redmi 4 PROmarkw
Redmi 4x / Redmi 4 Indiasantoni
Redmi 5Ariva
Redmi 5rosy
Redmi 5 Plus / Redmi Note 5 Indiavince
Redmi Proomega
Redmi S2/Y2 Indiaysl
Redmi 6Acactus
Redmi 6cereus
Redmi 6 Prosakura / sakura_india
Redmi 7onclite
Redmi 8olive
Redmi 8Aolivelite
Redmi GOtiare
Redmi K20/Mi 9Tdavinci
Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Proraphael
Redmi K20 Pro Premiumraphael
Redmi Y3onc
Redmi K30phoenix
Redmi K30 5Gpicasso
Redmi k30 Pro/Zoom Editionlmi
Redmi 10atom
Redmi 10X 4G/Redmi Note 9merlin
Redmi 10X Probomb

Mi Note Device Codenames

Mi Notevirgo
Mi Note Proleo
Mi Note 2scorpio
Mi Note 3jason
Mi Note 10/CC 9 Protucana
Mi Note 10 Litetoco
Mi Note 10 Lite Zoom (Youth)vangogh

Redmi Note Codenames

Redmi Note 1/3G-MTKlcsh92_wet_jb9
Redmi Note 1Sgucci
Redmi Note 1/4G Duall Sim – Snapdragondior
Redmi Note 2hermes
Redmi Note 3 (MTK)hennessy
Redmi Note 3 (Qualcomm)/Redmi Note 3 Prokenzo
Redmi Note 3 SEkate
Redmi Note 4 (MTK)/ Note 4X (MTK)nikel
Redmi Note 4Xmido
Redmi Note 5a Prime / Y1 Indiaugg
Redmi Note 5a / Y1 Lite Indiaugglite
Redmi Note 5 Pro Indiawhyred
Redmi Note 6 Protulip
Redmi Note 7lavender
Redmi Note 7 Proviolet
Redmi Note 8ginkgo
Redmi Note 8 Probegonia
Redmi Note 8Twillow
Redmi Note 9 Pro/ 9Scurtana
Redmi Note 9/ Redmi 10X 4Gmerlin
Redmi Note 9 Pro MAXexcalibur

Mi Mix Codenames

Mi MIXlithium
Mi MIX 2chiron
Mi MIX 2Spolaris
Mi MIX 3perseus
Mi MIX 3 5Gandromeda

Mi Max Codenames

Mi Max 32gbhydrogen
Mi Max Pro 64gb/128gbhelium
Mi Max 2oxygen
Mi Max 3nitrogen

Mi Android One Codenames

Mi A1tissot
Mi A2jasmine
Mi A2 Litedaisy
Mi A3laurel

Realme Device Codenames

Coming Soon…

Asus Device Codenames

Coming Soon…

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