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Hi, I am Shekhar Vaidya, a blogger, a learner who’s learning about CS and programming and the founder of this blog. I’m currently learning to program in Java and PHP. I aspire to become a Software Engineer/Developer with Ph.D. in CS from an ivy-league institute.

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top 5 laptop under 50000

Top 5 Laptop Under 50000 INR(2018)

Top 5 Laptop Under 50000 INR(2018) The current market for laptops is filled with a plethora of option. There are options in all segments, for all kinds of users. Even if you’re on a budget,...

Lenovo Z5 Launch: Some lies, Still a good Smartphone?

So much hype was build by Lenovo's Marketing Department about the Z5 turned out to be false on the launch as it doesn't have all screen display , 45 days long lasting battery, 45TB...
Google us military ai project

Google Backing-off from US Military AI Project

California based company Google is said to end its working on AI Drone Projects for US Department of Defense in collaboration with Pentagon. Google will not renew the deal that will expire in March 2019....

COAI reports states that Airtel holds the top Position

The total mobile subscriber base in India has hit 1.049 billion, adding a total of 9.39 million, as per telecom subscriber figures released by Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) for the month ending in April...
Google Neighbourly app

Google Neighbourly App: The Social Chatting App.

Google Neighbourly App Indians are fond of keeping an eye throughout their neighborhood and helping other people in their locality. Keeping this in mind Google launched a new app called Neighbourly(beta release). For now, the beta...