[Top]10 Best Magisk Modules For Your Rooted Phone

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What is Magisk?

Magisk is known as a “systemless” root method. It’s essentially a way to modify the system without actually modifying it. Modifications are stored safely in the boot partition instead of modifying the real system files. This is the most important feature of this tool. Since the original system files remain unchanged, modifications can go undetected by Google SafetyNet.

What are Magisk Modules?

best magisk moduleMagisk opens up your device to a world of modifications. Root is just one of the many modules you can install. A “Module” is an installable modification that allows for easy customization and tinkering. These modules include things like ad-blockers, emoji replacements, CameraAPI2 enabler, and much more. They’re handy mods that can extend the functionality of your Android device. Tons of useful modules can be found right here on XDA and in the Magisk Manager app. You can find the modules in the Manager app from the slide-out menu.

Best Magisk Modules

1. Xposed Framework

This will be on the top of many members list. Xposed has been around for quite some years and has become an essential app for many users out there. Xposed builds around a framework over the Android OS, allowing execution of various Android mods and tweaks. When Magisk brought about root access without hampering the system partition, its developer rovo89 ported the Xposed Framework to Magisk to allow users to achieve the best of Xposed’s Modules along with systemless root.

XDA Thread: Xposed Framework

2. Viper4Android FX

Viper4Android is the best sound equalizer app for your phone. It lets you boost the bass, tone down the treble, or increase your phone’s maximum volume while minimizing distortion. And that’s only for starters. It’s an incredibly powerful tool if you invest some time in it.

The best part about Viper4Android is that it enables you to create sound profiles for different output devices. What works best for your phone’s internal speakers is unlikely to sound right for your expensive wired headphones or in-car audio system. That no longer matters with this app—just create a profile for each one and tune the settings separately.

ViPER4Android FX 2.7
ViPER4Android FX 2.7
Developer: Team DeWitt
Price: Free

3. Youtube Vanced

This modded version of the YouTube app offers lots of commonly requested features including support for background play. You can also override video resolution limits, use the pinch-to-zoom gesture, and automatically play videos on repeat. The app is available in standard and dark themed versions.

XDA Thread: YouTube Vanced

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4. Dolby Atmos

This module will help you enable the Dolby Atmos sound mod on your Android. When you install this mod, the necessary changes will be made to the system files and also the Dolby Atmos app will be automatically installed on your device. This is a great mod for everyone who pays great attention to the music on their Android device. Dolby Atmos app provides a lot of controls to tweak the various settings so that you can get the best audio out of your device.

XDA Thread: Dolby Atmos

5. CloudflareDNS4Magisk

There are many good reasons to use a third-party DNS service and many excellent privacy benefits to using Cloudflare DNS specifically. But editing the DNS settings on Android isn’t that convenient. The method often changes from one version of the OS to the next. It’s far easier to install the CloudflareDNS4Magisk module. It directs all your mobile data and Wi-Fi traffic through the free Cloudflare service.

XDA Thread: Cloudflare DNS

6. Greenify4Magisk

Greenify is one of the best battery saving apps out there. It puts all your apps into proper hibernation mode for enhanced battery saving, by enforcing minimal or zero background app usage. The app works on both rooted and non-rooted devices, but the rooted ones get extra benefits. Similarly, there’s a Magisk variant of it as well, available via the Greenify4Magisk module, which lets Greenify work as a privileged app, to achieve faster hibernation performance, and that too, systemlessly.

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XDA Thread: Greenify4Magisk

7. Pixel Experience

The Pixel 2 is the king of Android phones. It’s also expensive. If you’re thirsting for some of the great features of Google’s flagship but aren’t able to upgrade right now, check out the Pixel Experience module as the next best option.

It brings you the look, feels, and functionality of a Pixel 2. You get the Pixel 2 launcher, audio files (such as ringtones and alarms), themes, and the Google Sans font. In addition, it adds extras like Camera2API support, video stabilization, and Google Assistant.

XDA Thread: Pixel Experience

8. App Systemizer

App Systemizer lets you install certain apps as system apps. Why would you do this? There are a few reasons.

System apps cannot be easily uninstalled, so you get an extra layer of protection for security apps. Some utilities, like battery optimizers, work better with the extra privileges afforded to system apps. And it also works well for apps that run all the time, like a third-party launcher.

App Systemizer doesn’t modify the system partition, so you cannot use it to save space in your phone’s internal storage. Apps will update automatically through the Play Store, as usual.

XDA Thread: App Systemizer

9. GPU Turbo Boost

Gaming is the biggest industry right now, and mobile gaming is a big contributor to it. We all love to game on our devices, and whether its a budget device, a mid-range, or a high-end flagship phone, mobile gaming is something we all do. And with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile here, the mobile gaming industry has been booming a lot. Well, wouldn’t it be great if you could push your mobile to render the game’s frames faster? Well, with the GPU Turbo Boost Magisk Module, you can. The module increases the GPU’s power by up to 75% while reducing the power consumption by 25%. So go ahead and game on!

XDA Thread: GPU Turbo Boost

10. Volume Steps Increase

By default, the Android volume control has 15 steps between silent and maximum loudness. Sometimes, the jump between any two is too large, especially when you’re listening through headphones.

The Volume Steps Increase module doubles the number of steps to 30 for both media and in-call volume. As a result, you get much more precise control over how loud your phone is.

XDA Thread: Volume Steps Increase

So, those were our picks for the Best Magisk Modules for Android. Did we miss any of your favorites? Do let us know in the comments below!

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