Facebook’s ‘Manage Activity’ tool will let You Delete Your Awkward School Days Posts

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Facebook has rolled out a new tab on its mobile applications called ‘Manage Activity’. This new tab will let you ‘deal with’ the sort of stuff that you had once posted, and may now discover humiliating, unbalanced or whatever the reason might be. These may incorporate status updates, photographs or whatever other posts that you may have made, with individuals you are no longer in contact with, or essentially don’t wish to perceive any more.

Facebook's Manage Activity tool will let You Delete and Archive Your Old Posts

Facebook’s Manage Activity tool will let You Delete and Archive Your Old Posts

Facebook’s Manage Activity tab will have two alternatives – archive and trash. On the off chance that you decide to archive posts, Facebook will essentially turn the privacy setting of those posts into ‘private’, with the goal that no one but you can see them. In the event that you don’t wish to see certain posts by any means, you can decide to junk them. These posts will stay in the trash folder of your Facebook account for the time of 30 days before being erased for all time, with the goal that you can fix these changes if you wish to.

Facebook's Manage Activity tool will let You Delete and Archive Your Old Posts
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As indicated by Facebook’s official post, the Manage Activity highlight will “let you see and deal with your posts in mass”. It will likewise have channels, utilizing which you can locate the sort of posts that you are searching for. These filters will incorporate arranging posts with an individual’s name, and even within particular time ranges.

Facebook has expressed that the ‘Manage Activity’ feature is first being released on its Android and iOS applications, soon. It will in this way be presented on desktop, and afterwards on the Facebook Lite application. This can be a significant tool for Facebook’s users, who haven’t ‘tidied up’ their profiles for quite a while, yet the current procedure of manually finding old posts is tedious.

Starting at now, it isn’t clear with respect to what the features’ privacy policy is. While Facebook’s release expresses that posts added in the trash will be erased from an individual’s profile everlastingly, it isn’t clear if the equivalent would likewise be erased from all of Facebook consistently, or be kept in its records. The ‘Manage Activity’ tab will be rolled out to Facebook’s users in the coming days, so watch out on your Facebook application’s settings.

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