How to Fix The Taskbar Not Working in Windows 10

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The Windows Taskbar is one of the most essential parts of the computer as it is the place from where you can access all the active operations and it is a nightmare if the taskbar stops working. It is important to fix the taskbar not working error in Windows 10.

Some users are also facing problems with the functionality of the taskbar in Windows 10 with the new update

In this article, we are going to show you how to fix the taskbar not working error in Windows 10 using some very simple steps and methods.

Fix The Taskbar Not Working in Windows 10

By Restarting Your Computer

One of the reasons why your taskbar might not function properly could be a faulty start-up. If your computer didn’t boot up properly, you might face this problem. The best way to resolve this is by restarting your PC. Once you restart your PC, your taskbar will most probably work fine.

By Restarting the Windows Explorer

This method will temporarily stop all the processes of the Windows Explorer and it helps in fixing the taskbar not working issue.

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Step 1: First of all, press “Windows key+R” to open Run prompt.

Step 2: In the search box, type “taskmgr.exe” and hit enter.

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Fix The Taskbar Not Working

Step 3: This will launch the Task Manager on your computer and from the list of all the processes available, you have to select ‘Windows Explorer’, and then hit the ‘Restart’ option.

Fix The Taskbar Not Working

That’s it and this should fix the problem for you.

By Disabling/Removing Faulty Add-Ons

You see, you might have accidentally installed some faulty add-ons that might be interfering with the functioning of explorer.exe and you don’t want that for a smooth sail. So try to look out for the shady add-ons that you have installed and try disabling them or removing them completely.

By Using PowerShell to Re-register the Taskbar

For this, we will be using the Windows PowerShell command-line tool which is very powerful and used to configure system settings and automate Windows tasks. Now, we suggest that you create a restore point before trying this in case something goes wrong.

Step 1: Go to the Windows search bar, type “Windows PowerShell”, right-click on it to ‘Run as administrator’.

Step 2: Once you get to the PowerShell window, type the following command:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

, and hit enter.

Fix The Taskbar Not Working

Step 3: Once, this command is successfully executed, go to the following path C:>Users>name>AppData>Local.

Step 4: Search for the file named “TileDataLayer” in the list. When you find it, select it and delete it.

Step 5: If you are unable to delete this file, go to the Windows search bar, type “Services”, and hit enter. Then look for the “Tile Data model” server service and stop it.

Step 6: Now again try deleting that file mentioned in Step 4.

That’s it and now your taskbar should work quite fine.


So that was all about how to fix the taskbar not working in Windows 10 problem using some simple steps and methods. If you face any difficulty, do let us know in the comments.  

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