Fuchsia OS by Google Now Has an UI


Google is tipped to be working on a new OS known as Fuchsia, which would be based on the company’s own kernel called Magenta. To recall, Google’s current OS’, Android and Chrome OS, are based on Linux. When it was first spotted last year, it was merely a bunch of code. Now though, it seems like the OS is more fleshed out. Ars Technica has posted a number of images that gives us a look at what to expect from the OS.


First spotted by Hotfix’ Kyle Bradshaw, the OS’ user interface is called Armadillo and sports a card-based design and is the default system UI for Fuchsia. Armadillo is built using Google’s Flutter SDK, which can be used to create cross-platform code that can run on multiple operating systems like Android or iOS. This means that it’s possible to compile Armadillo and run it on an Android device, which is how the images were obtained.

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Based on the images and video, it seems that Fuchsia is a smartphone and tablet-based OS that uses its card-based UI to manage different apps. These cards can be dragged around for use in a split/multi screen or tabbed interface where there also appears to offer suggestions in a manner similar to the style used by Google Now. 

It is not yet known exactly how Fuchsia fits into Google’s plans considering it already has mobile and desktop OS’ in the form of Android and Chrome OS. It is possible that we will learn more about company’s plans regarding Fuchsia at its I/O event scheduled to start next week.