Google Messages RCS Support is Rolling Out for Android Devices in India

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Text messages or basically SMS without a doubt are outdated and obsolete. Not at all like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and other texting applications, text messages need rich highlights, for example, read messages, group messaging, etc.

Google Messages RCS support is rolling out for Android devices in India
Google Messages RCS support is rolling out for Android devices in India

So as to send your buddy an SMS, your phone depends on a cell network. Basically, this implies those in territories without a signal are doomed, yet fortunately, only a few such places exist in the 21st century.

While you’d think these restrictions are sufficient to outdate the use of SMS, it’s really not the situation. Actually, billions of instant messages are as yet being sent each day over the globe however it would appear that things are going to change in select markets.

Google Messages RCS support is rolling out for Android devices in India

RCS Messaging is Now Available in India

Google has been pushing for the change from conventional texting to what is called Rich Communication Services (RCS) convention or essentially SMS services.

This is a new take on SMS that takes advantage of features that have been held for texting applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and even Apple’s iMessage.

Utilizing Chat, Android device users can appreciate group chats, send and get high-resolution pictures, sound and video messages. RCS additionally incorporates things like read receipts and typing indicator, much the same as other rich messaging applications.

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In any case, best of all, odds are RCS messaging may as of now be accessible on your current phone. As indicated by reports originating from India, it appears Google Messages RCS support is live in the nation.

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