Google Pixel 4a Expected to be Launched on May 22

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There have been various leaks and speculations around the launch of the Pixel 4a. So far anything is not announced by Google regarding the launch of the smartphone and just recently Apple launched it’s iPhone SE 2020.

Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the launch of the Pixel 4a as Pixel 4 didn’t meet the expectations and the Pixel 3a was really good in that affordable high-end performing smartphone bracket.

Launch Speculations Around the Pixel 4a

Pixel 4a

So the talks are form Germany. The Pixel 4a is likely to go on sale on May 22 in the country. Vodafone is one of the local carriers in Germany and these are inside leaks from Vodafone. It is expected to be priced at €399 in the Eurozone, which is slightly less than the iPhone SE 2020. In the US though, it is expected that both the phones would be priced at $399.

The release date is expected to be May 22 which is said to be spotted in the internal documents at Vodafone. But these can be just rumors too. But it is the most good for Google to unveil the device so that it can compete with the iPhone SE 2020. And users have a more affordable high-end performing smartphone.


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