How to Fix Magisk Install Error 1 in TWRP Recovery

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Magisk install error 1 in TWRP recovery, this is a common error faced by various Android users who are trying to root their device and flash custom ROM. You may be stuck with Magisk Install error 1 when you are trying to flash the latest file in TWRP recovery. If you are searching for the best possible fix for this issue so you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to fix Magisk Install error 1 in TWRP recovery. We will try to cover this topic in detail, so you get in-depth knowledge about What is Magisk? What this error is? and obviously how to resolve this. So let’s get started

What is Magisk?

Magisk Install Error 1 in TWRP Recovery

Before starting with the errors and their fixes, we should know what Magisk is? why we are using it. So Magisk is the best alternative of Supersu (much better than Supersu), it is developed by an XDA developer ‘topjohnwu’. The main goal of Magisk is to allow or deny the root permission. Some apps like banking applications can’t be installed and work on rooted devices. So Magisk helps users in installing and running all such apps in rooted devices too.

Magisk offers Universal Systemless Interface which lets the user create their own mod app easily. Magisk working strategy is almost similar to the Xposed framework, which lets users installing various modules and tweaks into there Android device.

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What is Magisk Install Error 1?

Magisk Install Error 1 is a very common problem faced by almost every second user while flashing the file. There is nothing to worry about this error, as this can be fixed very easily. Try the following method to resolve Magisk Install Error 1 in TWRP recovery.

How to Fix Magisk Install Error 1 in TWRP Recovery

To resolve the Magisk Install Error 1 in TWRP Recovery follow the given steps

  • Put the boot.img file into your Micro Sd card.
  • Now, reboot your Android device into recovery mode.
  • Here, tap on Install.
  • Now, tap on the Install image from the bottom-right corner.
  • Choose your boot.img
  • Now, select the Boot Partition and then swipe to confirm the flash.

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That’s it you have successfully fixed the Magisk Install error 1 in TWRP recovery. I hope you would like the content and overcome the error you were facing while flashing the file. If you have some more suggestions so please share them with us in the comment section below.

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