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How To Overclock And Underclock Android Phone


Do you want to boost up the performance of your phone, or your phone’s battery is draining too much, so you want to improve the battery life of your system.

So you can try to overclock and underclock your system, let us start with the basic definition of the Overclock and Underclock.

Overclock and Underclock your Android Phone.


Overclock is the process by which you can enhance the performance of your android phone, and this can be done in some simple steps. Basically, in overclock we increase the clock speed of our CPU.
For example, let us suppose that your phone operates on 2.5 GHz of clock-speed then you can increase its clock speed per cycle up to 2.3 GHz or 2.4 GHz for enhancing the power of CPU and it results in better performance i.e. fast speed, playing games without any lag.
When we overclock our phone, its processor processes much better than normal speed, your android phone will work with its all power and provides you much better results. But everything has its pros as well as cons, so you should aware of both before performing any action or changes on your android phone.


  • Fast processes.
  • Play games without any lag.
  • Smooth performance of your device which you have never seen before overclock.
  • Better CPU utilization


  • The phone may go into an unstable condition and need to reboot.
  • Due to over-performance battery consumption will be high.
  • If you exceed clock speed beyond a limit then the phone may get heat up and it can also cause damage to the processor.
    To increase the clock cycle of your device step by step when your phone will start behaving unstable then stop and go back to last clock speed at which your phone was acting stable even after overclock.


Underclock is just opposite to overclock, At overclocking we were increasing our CPU clock speed to boost up the performance of our Android phone but at underclock, we will just do the reverse of overclocking, At underclock, we will decrease the CPU clock speed to save the battery of the Android phone.
For example, if your phone’s speed is 2.5 GHz then you can decrease it up to 2 GHz or more. As we discussed above that everything has its pros as well as cons, so let’s have a look at the pros and cons of underclocking


  • It will save your Android Phone battery.
  • Battery consumption will be less compared to normal consumption.


  • Phone performance will be slow down.
  • By lowering CPU speed, the processor will take more time to complete any task.
  • Unable to use any heavy application, that requires fast CPU speed for its execution
  • Unable to play any game which requires CPU consumption.
  • It may also decrease the screen time of the system.

How to Overclock and Underclock Your Android Phone

Before Overclock and Underclock your Android phone, your phone must be rooted.

We have so many custom Rom’s which offer inbuilt feature to manage frequency (clock-speed) of your CPU, but if your Android Phones Custom ROM did not have such feature, so no need to worry we have various software available on Google Play Store, just search there and install software of your choice, but make sure that software should be developed by any recognized developer and also it should have good rating and positive reviews.

After installing the software you can easily limit your CPU clock speed, for Overclock you can set CPU to high frequency and for Underclock you can set the CPU to lower frequency.


  • Make sure not to set your CPU’s frequency neither too high nor too low, this can cause into worse result and you may lose your Android Phone for forever.
  • If you set CPU’s frequency too high then it may cause overheating of the processor and this can burn processor and you will lose your device.
  • If you set CPU’s frequency too low then it CPU can go into sleep’s condition forever and again you will lose your device.

Closing Phrase

If you never done overclock and Underclock before then make sure to follow each and every instruction properly, because one wrong action and you can lose you device for forever, you have to perform all the actions at your own risk because at last, you are the only one to have good results and also you have to face consequences.

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