How to Fix ‘No Audio Output Device is Installed’ Error in Windows

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It is so annoying when you are completely ready for watching your favorite movie, web series, or any remix music, but suddenly your Windows shows a pernicious error saying ‘No Audio Output Device is Installed’. You tried a lot but nothing is working, don’t worry you can fix it in a few minutes, just to follow some simple methods.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some methods, by using them you can quickly fix the error on Windows 10 saying “No Audio Output Device is Installed”. Before going to fixes let us know the main reasons behind the error

  • Auto-disabled audio devices.
    • If you have installed any software and getting “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error just after that. So software may corrupt your audio device or disable it.
  • Outdated Drivers.
  • Maybe a damaged Sound Card.
    • If you are using any sound player like VLC always on high-sound output. So it may cause permanent damage to the sound card.

Fix ‘No Audio Output Device is Installed’ Error in Windows

No Audio Output Device is Installed

Before You Start

Before starting with any troubleshooting method, you can use some of the following short-tricks, sometimes it happens that we are searching for a big solution and doing strenuous things to accomplish a task, but the problem can be solved using some simple steps. So before proceeding with any fix, have a look at these following small tips you may be lucky enough and the error no audio output device is installed is solved in few simple steps.

  • As already mentioned, the error ‘No Audio Output Device is Installed’ can cause due to a recently installed third-party software, and if you observe the same thing happening with your system. So you try uninstalling that software.
  • If you are using an outdated Windows, so try to update it to the most latest version. This can also fix most of the problems.
  • Check Your Audio output devices, whether they are properly connected to the system or not.


If you are reading this, it means above mentioned short-tricks doesn’t work for you, so don’t worry. Maybe the error ‘No Audio Output Device is Installed’ is caused due to some other reason, and we are sure you will find out the best possible fix to your problem, just read the complete article and try methods one-by-one. 

I hope you have tried the short-tricks mentioned under Before you start section.

Method 1- Re-Enable Audio Drivers

You can try to fix the error No Audio Output Device is Installed in Windows 10 by re-enabling the audio drivers. Follow the given methods to re-enable your audio drivers

[Note: Before proceeding with this method, ensure that you have uninstalled the recently installed software which is related to sound.]
  • In Windows 10 go to the Start menu, and search device manager in the search bar.
  • Or in other versions of Windows, you can activate the run command bar by pressing Win Key + R simultaneously and search devmgmt.msc.
  • Hit Enter.
  • Inside Device manager, open the menu of “Sound, video and game controllers”.
  • Check whether the audio device is listed their or not.
  • If yes, so right-click on it. And If no, so move to the next tip
  • After right-clicking, choose Update Driver Software.
  • Select Automatic, to let the Windows find its driver itself (you can also select and choose the driver if you want so you can do it manually).
  • Restart your system, and recheck whether the problem is resolved or not.

In most cases, problems get solved by this method. If not so proceed with another method, it might fix the error No Audio Output Device is Installed.

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Method 2- Add Legacy Hardware

  • In Windows 10 go to the Start menu, and search device manager in the search bar.
  • Open Device Manager.
  • Navigate to Action tab.
  • Add Legacy Hardware.
  • Click on Next.
  • Select, Search for and install drivers automatically, and then click on Next.
  • If no wizard is found, so the device will provide you several options, choose “Sound, video and game controllers”.
  • Again, click on Next.
  • Select the Audio Output device, and finally click on Next to complete the setup.

This method might help in resolving the unexpected error you got on your Windows PC saying No Audio Output Device is Installed.

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Method 3- Reset the Windows

Refreshing Windows may solve the issue. To do so follow the following steps:

[Note: Before applying any of such techniques, always make sure that you have kept a backup of all of your important data. If something went wrong, so you may lose your data]
  • Keep a backup of all of your data using any cloud storage, know more about best Cloud storages
  • Go to start menu, and then to Settings.
  • Navigate to Update & Security.
  • Tap on Recovery.
  • Select Reset this PC and “keep my files” option.
  • Follow all on-screen instructions to reset Windows.
  • Now, restart your system, and recheck whether the problem is resolved or not.
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This method is usually applicable for Windows 10 users if you are using other Windows so you can try installing new Windows instead of resetting older ones.

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This method might help to resolve the error you got on your Windows PC saying No Audio Output Device is Installed. If not, try to execute the next method.

Method 4- Update the Device driver

  • Go to start menu and open Device Manager in your system.
  • Now navigate to System Devices.
  • Search for the audio device that has SST in its name.
  • Right-click on it, and click on Update driver.
  • Choose “Search automatically for updated driver software”.
  • Now, on the next screen go with the option saying “Let me pick up from the list of available drivers on my computer”.
  • Choose a High Definition Audio Controller.

That’s it , your problem may be resolved.

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Method 5- Reinstall the Device Driver

Your device driver may be outdated or corrupted and causing the problem. So you can try re-installing the Device Driver. To remove and install the device driver again, follow the following methods:

  • Go to the Start menu, and search device manager in the search bar. Open it.
  • Open the menu of “Sound, video and game controllers”.
  • Check for a device that has a yellow triangle and an exclamation mark inside it, it is a Realtek device.
  • Click on it, to select it.
  • Navigate to View tab.
  • Select devices by connections.
  • Look for a parent device, it will like  “Intel SST Audio Controller” (Intel Smart Sound Technology driver version
  • Now, right-click on the Controller device.
  • Select Properties.
  • Click on the Uninstall device. a pop-up will be prompted, check the box in front of “Delete the driver software of this device”.
  • Click on Uninstall.
  • Reboot your system, and check whether the problem gets solved or not.

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Method 6- Windows Sound Troubleshooter

If after trying all of the above methods you still you are reading this, so it means you haven’t found your solution. No worries, we have some more methods to fix the error No Audio Output Device is Installed in Windows PC. Here, we will show you how you can troubleshoot your Windows Sound problem, and fix the error saying No Audio Output Device is Installed. So let’s get started, follow the following steps:

  • Right-click on the speaker icon, from the Taskbar.
  • Now, click on Troubleshoot sound problem.
  • Windows troubleshooter will start scanning and detecting the problem.
  • It will provide you a fix, to solve the problem.
  • But if you don’t get any fix, it will simply say “Couldn’t identify the problem”.
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Method 7- Change Sound Card

If you are tired of applying all the methods, and still sitting hopelessly. So the main issue may be your damaged Sound card. And now you need to change them. If you are not familiar with the hardware of the system, so take up your laptop to the company’s service center of its under warranty. If the warranty period is over, take it to any local repair shop. And they will change the Sound Card of the system. This will change your problem for sure.

If the issue is in the desktop computer so, check the wiring of the audio devices with the computer, if it is properly attached. Then use CD to install an audio driver into your PC. And, connect the audio device again.

So that’s it, guys, from our side, we hope the error “No Audio Output Device is Installed” would be resolved. If not, so you can write your issue at Microsoft Support to file a bug. And if you have some more suggestions, so you can share them with us in the comment section, also tell us that your problem got solve or not.

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