No ColorOS 7 Update for Realme 1, C1, U1 & 2 in India

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It’s been 2 weeks only since the announcement of ColorOS 7 and its update roadmap. Now, there is news that there is no ColorOS 7 update for older Realme devices like Realme 1, Realme C1, Realme U1 and Realme 2 in India.

No ColorOS 7 Update

This information came into existence from a tweet from the Realme support team in twitter stating that there will be no ColorOS 7 update based on Android 10 rolled out for realme 1/ realme U1/ realme C1/ realme 2.

Recalling these devices, the above-mentioned devices were announced last year. It is no surprise that Realme has left out some devices judging from its large portfolio in about 18 months.


This is bound to happen when a manufacturer keeps churning out phones. Realme is not the only manufacturer guilty of this and that isn’t to say there aren’t manufacturers with fewer products who do not abandon devices after they have been released.

Well, nothing to worry for the latest Realme devices. They will surely get ColorOS 7 but we can’t say anything about ColorOS 8 or the next major update.

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Shekhar Vaidya
Shekhar Vaidya
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