Pixel 4 Designs Officially Confirmed by Google

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Well, there were a lot of rumors about Pixel’s next-generation design. But interesting thing is that Google itself confirmed all the rumored to be true by its @madebygoogle twitter handle.

Google just tweeted an image of the Pixel 4, a smartphone that the company isn’t expected to ship until October. The tweet comes after renders of the device were published in recent days, revealing a change in the design language from Google’s previous devices. “Wait ‘til you see what it can do,” the Pixel team tweeted.

We clearly see the rear of the Pixel 4, including the square camera bump with two side-by-side lenses — a first for the Pixel lineup, but standard on competing Android and iPhone devices. Underneath is a flash, while there are two unknown cutouts at the very top and in the bottom-right corner — possibly a microphone.

The photo only shows the rear of the Pixel 4, with the lower-left device highlighting the cameras, while the top-right shows the Google logo at its usual position at the bottom. Elsewhere on the phone, we can see the volume toggle and a white power button on the black device as the touch of color, but the lack of a fingerprint sensor.

On the right-edge — when looking at the phone from the rear — is a small recess consistent with a SIM card slot/tray. You can also make out the USB-C cutout at the very bottom.

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Shekhar Vaidya
Shekhar Vaidya
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