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Rollable Sony Xperia Smartphone to Launch in Early 2020

rollable sony xperia


Rollable Sony Xperia Smartphone to Launch in Early 2020

Rollable Sony Xperia Smartphone to Launch in Early 2020

Since OEMs like Samsung, Apple, Huawei are busy working with their foldable technology for their upcoming smartphones and in the meantime, Sony took a step long and skipped foldable smartphone for their upcoming rollable sony xperia smartphone.

This concept of rollable display technology was given by Samsung itself in back then in 2016. And Sony seems to be thinking out of the box and adapting this tech for their own smartphones. This gives away from the great competition of foldable smartphones as well as a new taste to the users.

A recent tweet from the famous tipster Max J. (@Samsung_News_) says that Sony is also working on its rollable smartphone.

Rollable Sony Xperia Specs

Apart from the rollable display, there are a lot of great features that we can expect from the upcoming rollable Xperia smartphone.

The device could be using the Nautilus design display from LG along with the latest flagship processor from Qualcomm i.e., Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC with an X50 modem for 5G connectivity. and a 3220 mAh battery.

The phone is said to have a 10x zoom camera. It’s unclear if this is 5x optical and 10x hybrid or actual optical 10x zoom (which would be a first).

And speaking of the design, we don’t have any information regarding this but we can expect it to be different from today’s models.

Sony also demoed their 65″ Rollable OLED TV at CES 2018, this could be a smaller version of the same tech.

rollable sony xperia

The rollable Sony Xperia could launch December this year or in early 2020.


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