Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to Cost Around 1000 USD

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1st generation Samsung Galaxy Fold was not a success for Samsung, but Samsung tried to improve major factors of Galaxy Fold’s failure with Galaxy Fold 2.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

A recent report by The Korea Herald, claims that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is going to cost significantly low in comparison to the current Galaxy Fold. The launch of Galaxy Fold by Samsung was one of the most intriguing and novel smartphones of 2019.

The current Galaxy Fold is priced for around 2000 USD, which is a huge amount to pay for a smartphone. And the problems with Galaxy Fold was resisting people to opt for this.

And the launch of the revolutionary Motorola Razr phone at 1500 USD forced people to rethink the Samsung Galaxy Fold for now at least. Basically Razr coped the problems which are present therein Galaxy Fold.

In fact, according to the source, the Fold 2 will cost 1,000,000KRW (Korean Won), or about $837 / £640 / AU$1,230 upon release in its home country, South Korea, and will reach around $1,000 when it hits the global market. We might see the phone’s debut during 2020’s MWC in Barcelona alongside the Galaxy S11-series but it will be launched later in the year.

Recalling the features of Samsung Galaxy Fold, it features a 7.30-inch touchscreen primary display and a 4.60-inch touchscreen as its second display.

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It is equipped with the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC paired with 12 GBs of RAM and 512 GBs of in-built storage.

There are three selfie cameras: One 10MP camera when the device is closed and a dual camera (10MP main sensor and 8MP depth sensor) when you open the device.

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There is a three camera-system at the rear, a 16MP Ultra Wide Camera, a 12MP Wide-angle Camera, and a 12MP Telephoto Camera.

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