Snapseed Vs PicsArt – Which One to Choose?

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Snapseed Vs Picsart, which is the best photo editing application for mobile devices? We do various kinds of editing in our normal photos to make them stunning, so they look extraordinary than the normal photos. Some people use basic editing tools available on their smartphones, but they aren’t enough to allure an image and make it marvelous. Most of the people prefer using some other applications for editing their photographs and make them incredible, and everyone seeks for the best editing tools which do not degrade the original quality of photos also make them more attractive and appealing.

Here, we are with two most popular and best photo editing apps, and we are going to discuss both amazing and brilliant photo editing apps to know which one is good to use, which one has better and more feature over other?

Snapseed is owned by Google, being the most popular photo editing app. Whereas PicsArt is a formidable opponent of Snapseed, in this article, we are going to do a deep and in-depth comparison of both strengthened and brilliant photo editing applications. Read the complete article to know which is best from Snapseed and PicsArt and which one to choose among both?

Snapseed Vs PicsArt – Which one to choose?

So let’s get started with comparing two amazing and powerful photo editing applications, we will discuss each feature and analyze both the app based on that particular feature, after analyzing we will consider one as a winner from both.



Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps and which is owned by the enormous technology giant Google. It is the most trending photo editing tool with numerous professional editing features. Using this app, you can make amazing edits which are (if compared so) indistinguishable with professional software. It was launched in 2012 and became the most lovable and popular photo editing app within a short period. 

Snapseed vs PicsArt
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PicsArt is another powerful tool, with easy to use and user-friendly user interface. Thousands of filters can be added into it, you can easily edit your photo with numerous filters, emoji’s, stickers and effects. PicsArt is all about creating elegant pictures and have fun by remixing those pictures into awesome collages.

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Filter Effects


Snapseed offers numerous filters, and effects with them you can edit your image like a pro and convert a normal image into an extraordinary one. After using its filters, you will also get amazed by the quality and appealing look of your image. Snapseed produces a Selective tool by using that you can select a specific area and can adjust its brightness, exposure, and other things.

Snapseed vs PicsArt

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PicsArt comes up with a bundle of filters to make your photo more elegant and attractive than before. And, it is more lovable with its option to apply the filter in a specific area of the image, you can apply any filter to a specific portion of the image and this feature made the app more interesting.

Snapseed vs PicsArt: The winner of this round is Tie.


Video Editing


Snapseed is completely dedicated toward photo editing and so it offers only image editing features, and it supports .jpg, .jpeg, and .png extensions, so make sure the image you are going to edit with Snapseed would have .jpg, .jpeg or .png extension. It is pessimistic that you can’t add filters and effects into videos using Snapseed.


PicsArt supports various extensions, and you can edit your videos too using PicsArt. You can edit complete video or a portion, you can add music into the video, and with various tools you can make your video incredible. But this can be used by Gold members only, if you have edited the video and you want to download it you need to purchase the premium version of PicsArt.

Snapseed vs PicsArt: The winner of this round is PicsArt.

Available Tools


Snapseed offers several tools which are enough to makeover an image, it comes up with 28 different editing tools, each with a different activity or different effect. Each feature is beautifully designed to add a realistic yet dazzling effect. 

Snapseed vs PicsArt

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PicsArt comes up with thousands of filters and effects and other delightful features but in case of tools it is a little bit stingy and offers only 16 tools for the free version. Yet, these tools are also enough to design your photo, maximum tools don’t matter; the main thing is we should know how to use each tool effectively so that it makes our image elegant not extravagant. 

Snapseed vs PicsArt: The winner of this round is Snapseed, not because it offers numerous tools to decorate your photo, but it also lets you know how to use those tools.



If you are new to mobile-photo editing and want to learn about how to use each tool, how to set the intensity of the filters, how you can make your image exquisite. So, Snapseed offers such an option for its users, you can learn from the tutorials available in the application, and after learning you can apply those things into the photos. Thousands of tutorials on numerous photo-editing topics are available at Snapseed. 

You can avail them for free all you need to do is to download the Snapseed app from the app store and use it.


PicsArt doesn’t offer any kind of tutorials for its users, either you are new or pro if you are new to the app so you need to start from the scratch, meanwhile for professional users it is a great application to use, and for the new users, it offers such an easy to use UI, they can learn easily. Also, on the home page it shows a live image where you can try and apply each filter and tool and other edits to learn.

Snapseed vs PicsArt: The winner of this round is Snapseed.



With Snapseed you can edit only those images which are available at your local device storage, there is no option to use templates, collages, other than your image.


PicsArt offers numerous editing options within the app, you can choose from numerous templates, various backgrounds, also you can search for images and edit them online. In PicsArt some options are available for free users, to unlock all the features, and to use best from its services, you should prefer buying premium Gold membership. 

PicsArt offers various editing features if once you start using the app, I am sure you will love it, with its extraordinary and easy to use services.

Snapseed vs PicsArt: The winner of this round is PicsArt.



Snapseed is available for both Android and iOS, you can download it from Google Play Store and Apple store respectively. These amazing photo editing tools can also be used on a desktop, but you need to install an android emulator for that. Snapseed is a completely free application from Google LLC. You can access all the features and services of the app after downloading it.


PicsArt is also available for both smartphone’s operating system i.e. Android and iOS. It comes up in two versions one is free, and another is premium (Gold), the users can access all the features with Gold membership but few as a free member.

Other Features

Other than the comparative criteria both the application has several impressive features, let’s have a look at them.


  • It comes up with Professional level editing tools.
  • Offers View and fix option, by which you can view all the edits and fix them if any change is needed.
  • With the Selective editing tool, you can edit a selected area of the photo.
  • The Healing tool can help in removing unwanted areas from the image.
  • You can set image quality from settings.
  • You can set an image type from the settings.
  • It offers assorted options for exporting (saving) an image.
  • You can activate the dark theme from the app to enhance your experience with the app.


  • It offers various filters categorized into 10 distinct categories.
  • You can create Stickers using the app and can paste it anywhere.
  • You can add text to any image, and it offers numerous editing for text too, with various fonts and styles.
  • Make collages of your photos add frames to your photos, design freestyle images for better appearance.
  • It offers various image sizes; you can set one from the settings.
  • You can upload your edited image to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and PicsArt directly from the app.


Both the photo editing tools are available for download at no cost. You can either download from the below link or visit Google Play Store to download it.


Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Final Verdict

Snapseed vs PicsArt – we compared both the photo editing application but still, the question is the same, which one to choose? It’s completely your choice to go with one of the above-mentioned applications, both the photo editors are best and useful, millions of people are using both, choose the one with whom you feel comfortable.

And, if it’s about my personal choice so I would prefer Snapseed because of its simple and sleek design, useful and easy to use UI, there is only one page, and you can access all the tools without switching to different pages, also it is completely free from ads and a reminder to use premium (Gold) membership. The tools of Snapseed are more robust and make delicate edits.

PicsArt is preferable when you need to make quick edits, or you want to add a creative touch into your images. Both the apps are best and delighted, you can prefer any based on your preference.

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