Top 4 Best UPI Apps for Reliable Money Transfer

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Today we are living in the world of modernization, the world of technology, where we can’t anything imagine anything without technology. Everyone is familiar with online payments and UPI services, here we are with Top 4 Best UPI apps. Since our Banking Systems are digitalized everything seems so easy and reliable, you can transfer money to anyone in seconds without going to the bank and waiting in a long queue. With mobile banking money transfer become so easy and fast. Everything is happening so fast, immense changes are happening just in an eye blink and so our banking systems are digitalized too.

We all are dependent too much on online banking systems because they provide us an amazingly simple, easy to use, user-friendly UI. We all want comfort, and I don’t think there is anything more comfortable, convenient, and easy than mobile banking. All of us use the various net-banking techniques, we choose various methods to transfer money, but UPI is best among all. Most of the people use a single UPI app or two-three, but they don’t know which service best and which UPI app is more reliable and secure. So, here we are with the top 4 best UPI apps that can be used for safe and quick money transfer.

Top 4 Best UPI Apps in 2020

In this article, we will discuss everything about the top 4 best UPI apps in 2020. Before discussing the best UPI apps, let us understand UPI service clearly, we should what is UPI service and its feature.

What is UPI?

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is an instant money transferring platform developed by NPCI (National Corporations of India). It is a mobile application, used for instant real-time fund transferring between two banks. The money will be directly debited from the sender’s account and instantly credited to the recipient’s account. You can transfer money immediately by using VPA (Virtual payment address) associated with your UPI ID and linked to your bank account. The complete process is automatized, fast, reliable, and most importantly safe.

Top 4 Best UPI Apps

Features of UPI apps

UPI apps have some general features and we should know about them, some of them are

  • Digital Wallet: Digital Wallet is a UPI service that provides convenience to add money into your wallet through which you can finish online transactions.
  • Ease in Money transferring: UPI services provide us ease in transferring money in seconds. You can send and receive money to and from bank accounts, respectively.
  • Bill Splitting: With the new UPI service, you can split the money equally without any hassle of counting and billing. let suppose you went for dinner with your friends, so you can easily split the money and pay your piece without being dissatisfied.
  • Instant Real-Time Based service: For UPI it doesn’t matter whether it is day or night you can transfer money on a real-time basis, anytime anywhere.
  • Bill Payment and Mobile Recharge: You can complete your Mobile recharges and pay bills (e.g. Electricity bill, Water bill, subscription to any premium service, etc) in a few seconds.
  • Single app for Multiple Banks: A single UPI app can be used for multiple banks, i.e. if you have multiple bank accounts so you can add all accounts into a single UPI app, don’t worry about installing and using different apps for different bank accounts.
  • Easy to use and a clean user interface.
  • Free: Till now all the UPI services are free throughout the country (India). You don’t have to pay for using UPI service, and your bank can’t deduct money for this.

Prerequisite to Apps

Before using UPI apps, you should have basic prerequisite knowledge, some points are discussed below

  • The first and basic requirement is that you should have a bank account, and the bank should be in the NPCI supported bank list.
  • A mobile number associated with your bank account.
  • The bank account should be active for the net banking facility and it should have a debit card too.
  • The phone number which is associated with the bank account its SIM card should be present on the phone and the SIM card should be activated.
  • The provided phone number should have sufficient balance to send and receive the message.
  • Most important a decent smartphone with a stable internet connection.

List of Top 4 Best UPI Apps

So, coming to the main topic and telling you about top 4 best UPI apps in 2020, let’s have a look in the following list

[Note: All these applications are not listed priority wise, each application is best at their own pace, and all are equal from my point of view, these four UPI apps are best among other UPI services and we are directly or indirectly affiliated to any one of them]


PhonePe is another largest payment app used throughout the country. Initially, it was designed and developed for Bangalore based UPI service and later Flipkart integrated with Phone Pe and make it India’s first payment service to be integrated with an e-commerce site. No doubt on the reliability and safety of PhonePe as it holds 54% of total market share. PhonePe is powered by Yes bank and all the responsibility is of Yes bank for carrying UPI service throughout the country with Phone Pe.

Top 4 Best UPI Apps


  • Make instant payments from sending money to recharges and bills.
  • One app with all services.
  • It offers multiple Payment modes like BHIM UPI enabled bank account, PhonePe wallet, Debit card, credit card, etc.
  • Earn great reward, get amazing cashback after paying with PhonePe.
  • Available in 10+ Indian languages, so you can use the app in your language.

Download it from Here


BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money), this app is government-based UPI application, developed and maintained by NPCI. It is the most preferable app among the top 4 best UPI apps It sports a very interactive user interface, that’s the reason people are attracted to it. BHIM being one of the most secure and reliable UPI applications for money transferring, as it is a government-owned application another big reason to trust it.

Top 4 Best UPI Apps
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  • Transfer money with a single click.
  • It comprises of a clear and interactive interface with minimum and useful icons in the background.
  • It is linked with various banking services including BHIM SBI pay, BHIM Axis pay, etc.
  • You can Split bills, set reminders for the important payments at free of cost.
  • As it is a government-owned application, it is much more secure and reliable than any other payment service.

Download it from Here

Google Pay

Google Pay the most secure online payment service developed by tech giant Google, Inc. and formerly it is known as Tez. It is the best, easy to use, and highly secured payment application. You can make quick transactions within few clicks, the app also provides fascinating deals and offers, to earn cashback. You can earn some reward after referring it to friends and family. You can make each kind of a transaction with the help of Google Pay, or GPay, or Tez. Initially, it was integrated only with four banks but after coming into the UPI service list, all the banks available at BHIM UPI are integrated with GPay.

Top 4 Best UPI Apps


  • India’s most secure UPI application, each time you enter the application it will ask for a PIN, and it will also ask for security PIN before making any transaction.
  • Available in multiple Indian languages.
  • It is not any wallet; all the transactions are done directly through the bank.
  • Numerous rewards are available on making different transactions or referring the app to other people.
  • Support for in-app payments and have various partnered merchants.

Download it from Here

Google Pay: Pay with your phone and send cash
Google Pay: Pay with your phone and send cash
Developer: Google LLC
Price: To be announced
‎Google Pay
‎Google Pay
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Paytm Mobile

Paytm is India’s leading payment gateway that provides payment service throughout the country. We can say Paytm is the first mobile application that launched the concept of online payments in India. But now, it is integrated with several other services too, however, still, it is the most premium and largest using online payment method in India. Its effective and useful features drive its audience craze toward it.

Top 4 Best UPI Apps


  • One of the Best UPI apps that offers cashback on making transactions using it.
  • It is the first and trustworthy application, people will prefer using Paytm over any other UPI service.
  • You can easily request a physical Paytm card from the Paytm Payments Bank.
  • Easy to use UI, transactions can be made in seconds with simple steps.
  • You can invest in mutual funds or you can convert your money into gold.

Download it from Here

Wrapping Up

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As we have tried to choose the best among all and here, we have discussed the top 4 best UPI apps for android and iOS. All these listed applications are exceptionally reliable and highly secure. However, every application has its own advantages and disadvantages, we cannot fully depend on anything. But trust me if you will make any transactions using any one of the above-mentioned apps, you will always be satisfied with their service and with their super simple and interactive user interface.

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